The F1 of YSR Racing

Quite possibly the most exciting YSR racing ever to watch.

The rules

Run what ya brung as long as whatever it is fits in a YSR frame or is very close to being the same dimensions as a YSR, ie; a converted YZ80, KX80, CR80, RM80. As well as Pocket Bikes, NSRs, and small bore factory racers (TZ, RS 80/125). Check the Pictures page, in the Pits, for a converted YZ80, very nice and fast! Converted normal sized motocross bikes are too big dimensionally and will not be allowed to run. See SuperTT for that action.

Our Mission

To add an exciting new look and sound to YSR racing. To "Go where no Man has ever gone before". To scare ourselves silly at every opportunity. To have unparalled fun. And to challenge ourselves to the fullest extent of our abilities.

For a perfect example of what we mean by F1-Extreme, check out

Tony Tice's Yama-monster

updated 10/16/03