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  C. IA Extreme YSR is the F1 of YSR Racing, quite possibly the most exciting YSR racing ever. Run what ya brung as long as whatever it is, fits in a YSR frame or is very close to being the same dimensions as a YSR.
C. IA YSR Updates 4/21/06

  Honda is importing the NSF100 to the U.S. for 2006. It won't be cheap ($4,999 base MSRP) but it does breath a bit more life into the mini race scene. Click the images below for more info.

  Honda imported the NSR50R to the U.S. for 2004. for $3,599 base MSRP. Click the images below for more info.

  Mini Motard Maniacs is going strong out at Sugar River Raceway. The track is in Wisconsin, just above Rockford, IL, over the Illinois/Wisconsin border. Please contact Dave Topczewski at for details.

Coming Soon

  We still hope to add a few more movies from our weekend at Norway Speedway, as well as a few more crash movies.

  New products are constantly being added to the
CIAYSR Store, YSR50 cartoon products, including Infant/Toddler T-Shirts, Clocks and License Plate frames, to go along with the CIA T-shirts, hats, mugs, mousepads and much more. Show your support for our club with these great looking products.

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  Looking to buy or sell a YSR? We supply FREE photo ads for anyone looking to sell a YSR based bike. We also have links to other sites that list YSRs for sale.

  This is just one of the numerous free listing on our Bikes 4 Sale page.

  We mounted our C.IA YSR-Cam to Tony Tice's YSR426F to give you an idea of what a lap around our track is like. Click on the photo above for a list of Quicktime streaming movies.

  Check out action shots of your favorite racers and their bikes. Look for this section to be updated often this year with pictures of many different extreme YSRs.

  Results from our race weekends can be found on the Schedule page, thanks to Tony Tice.

  Do you have a subject that you want to discuss with other YSR racers? How about some parts that you're looking to sell or buy?

  We will supply any member of the C. IA YSR club with their own page, containing names, pictures, links to sponsors, whatever they want, just email us

  We've started work on our Racer Profiles. It's coming along slowly, but we've managed to at least post pictures of Joe Huminsky's nitrous breathing Quadzilla (RM500) powered YSR drag bike.

  Click the above picture to view and download a set of motorcycle related icons that were created by our own #36, Tracy Bieneman and featured in the 2001 July issue of MACLIFE.

updated 4/21/06