Iowa International Raceway

   This is the track that Team Calamari says is "one of the best YSR tracks in the USA. It is impeccably kept up by a dedicated crew of workers. Fabulous P.A. system and announcer, the pits are well kept and level! The infield of the track is beautifully manicured grass and the track is surrounded by corn fields. The program is run like clockwork and you get a whole lot of track time for your fees. This is a very low key group and the emphasis is on keen competition along with sportsmanship. There are no cash prizes or trophies, but there is a whole lot of fun and camaraderie."

   Due to the rising insurance costs, all riders will be required to join the club either purchasing a season membership or a daily pass. Interested riders may join the club after the start of the season, however, they will be required to first purchase a one day membership pass, and number registration fees. Once signed up for that day they can then join the club for the rest of the season. Their name will then be added to the club list and they will only have to pay for a pit pass for the remaining races.

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...and remember, all races are run rain or shine!

See Race Schedule for curent weather.

updated 4/4/03