This is a HIGHLY modified and braced YSR chassis with a 1999 YZ400F (four stroke) engine with a 426cc piston. It has custom painted Cheetah Racing Bodies YSR50/R7 composite bodywork.

It develops somewhere around 52 HP and weighs 233 lb. race ready. Currently it is geared for about 105 mph. It's very raceable at Marshalltown and was raced every time during the 2000 season.
The frame spars were reinforced using steel, "L" shaped, 1/8" thick beams that were cut to fit the height and width of the frame rails and attached to the inside of the frame. The swingarm pivot area of the frame was filled with 1/8" steel, completely. The steering head area had steel plates cut to fit and welded across the opening where the oil tank was originally. A two quart oil tank was made and mounted in front of and under the engine. The top engine mounts were fit individually once the motor was in place and welded to the frame. The right side of the frame was cut to fit the engine in and filled back in with steel and welded into place.
The swingarm is lengthened 4" and now uses push type chain adjusters. An underbrace was made to keep the swingarm, which pivots through the back of the engine, from twisting as it did on it's first test ride. The lower shock mount was raised 1" and moved further back by 1" to gain ride height and leverage ratios over the lengthened swingarm. That also keeps the stock shock from moving so fast and overheating the very small amount of fluid in the stock shock. It's rides about 2" higher than any of the other YSRs.
An exhaust pipe was hand welded together for the time but, there are plans for a smoother looking exhaust soon and a louder silencer.

I currently have TCR top clamp and fork brace in place and their fork mods will be done this winter. Plans are for a new rear shock, better brakes and wheels.

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